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China's online shipping to face 'last mile' delivery challenges that now confront the west

ONLINE shopping, and therefore, shipping, have come to China, driven by massive consumer demand, and with much official encouragement of Beijing, anxious to boost domestic economic activity to replace too great a reliance on exports.

But while truckers are pleased to have fresh fields of endeavour in which to grow and prosper, "last-mile deliveries" as they are called may well be an inescapable way of life in which old skills will have little place and new skills must be acquired simply to stay in business.

This is revealing itself in the west, where online shopping has acquired such a grip it has changed the way shipping is done in an ever-growing sector and now threatens the entire retail world.

How the Panama Canal expansion has already and will revolutionise Far East trade

It has been 10 years since a trade delegation from the Savannah, Georgia, came to China to sell the "all-water route" to the US east coast via Panama.

They called their Deep South harbour on Savannah River an "Asian port" because of all of its Asian cargo coming and going. Crazy as that sounded, at the time, their statements soon proved true as their cargo numbers were undeniable.

And today, like old time partners, another delegation from the state capital of Atlanta, this time headed by Georgia Governor Nathan Deal came to congratulate the Government of Panama for enlarging its canal to accommodate even more cargo to the US east coast.

Beijing aground on principle when Morgan Stanley won't 'make nice' and include China stocks

THERE has been a spreading will in the world to avoid abrasion except in cases of the most obvious evil, and even then to make threats which lapse with depressing regularity.

Perhaps it is the rise of womanly power that has made such an imperative of being nice, playing nice and making nice to such a extent that it has sidelined principle and principled behaviour.

China, which to be fair, has never much cared for principles or principled behaviour, has always mistaken "rule of law" for "obedience to the law". The former is the law standing up as bulwark against the state in defiance if necessary while the other is simply obeying rules.

One Chicago IT provider backs UN's SOLAS box weigh-in rule for safety sake

Despite the many complaints against the United Nations insistence on container weights being verified before stowage, the upgrade of UN's International Maritime Organisation's Safety of Life at Sea treaty improves safety standards and that's good enough for one man writing in the American Journal of Transportation.

"I started my career at the age of 17 in the Royal Navy and in my time in the service crossed the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Indian Ocean, and the South China Sea," said Mike Coney, vice president of Chicago's WiseTech Global, a supply chain cloud software provider.

"I saw first-hand the strength of the sea, and when you're standing on the bridge of a ship with waves taller than you all around, the ocean can seem a scary place.


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