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Concussion, but no schrapnel from coming Eurocrat-Shanghai Sharks trade talks

With Marine Le Pen's Trumpist challenge a fading memory, Eurocrats can rest easy with the election of the nominally socialist banker Emmanuel Macron as President of France.

But many expect they will soon have cause to the value an ally they have long despised in the form Donald Trump President of the United States.

That's because EU trade officials are likely to find the US president best cast in the role of the rambunctious American bad cop to Europe's civil and civilising good cop in the inevitable battles with China over trade.

Belt and Road may prompt international infrastructure rivalry - but that's no bad thing

China, one of lucky few to have money to spend, appears bent on spending its biggest ever dream engineering project - the Belt and Road Initiative - the ultimate Asia-Europe trade promotion.

While it has become much more than that, encompassing intra-Asia, Africa and even expansion to the Americas, its core inspiration is Marco Polo's 14th century overland trade route bringing the silks and spices of old Cathay by camel train to the still barbarous kingdoms of Europe.

More glorious in conception than in execution, China's New Silk Road, as it is also called, is already facing a cash crunch as China urgently seeks financing for its multilateral global logistics projects. While China has money to spend and is prepared to spend it, it is not prepared to pay whole shot.

Ten tips from the UK on to improve pallet flow when time and space is at a premium

Here are 10 tips from the United Kingdom on optimising pallet flow to maximise productivity, extend equipment life and improve safety.

TIP No 1: When it comes to pallet racking, flow storage is essential for managing perishable, time-sensitive products on a first in, first out (FIFO) basis, says London's Logistics Handling journal, whence these tips come.

TIP NO 2: Since its design eliminates aisles and fills the space with additional pallets, it provides many times more storage than selective rack. In addition, forklift travel is greatly reduced because drivers only need to place and retrieve loads from either end of the system - significantly reducing operating costs, maintenance, and accidents.

Seven reasons for increased freight rates on the Asia-Europe trade lane

The shipping market has changed a lot during the first quarter of 2017 with drastically increased freight rates on the North Europe-Far East trade lane, writes Thomas Arbo Hoeg in Gothenburg's Greencarrier Freight Services International blog.

It is always difficult to predict the future, and there is a lot of uncertainty as to how the market situation will develop in the next few months, he says. However, by looking back, we can figure out what might have led to today’s market situation.

In this article, Mr Hoeg, international ocean manager and regional director east Norway and Larvik branch manager, has summarised some of the main reasons for the drastically increased freight rates.


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