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Heeding Environment, Social, Governance strictures make seafarers politically correct

Reading the headline "Is shipping’s business model incompatible with ESG?" one was at first buoyed with hope that one was about to read an article in Singapore's Splash 247, decrying the continuing loss of freedom suffered by seafarers through ever intrusive regulations.

But no. In case you missed it - and it is nowhere explained in the article, is that ESG stands for Environment, Social, Governance. What was aggravating about the piece itself, is its assumption that government regulation and spending was the wisest choice one could make.


Embracing the philosophy of lemmings, as each one asks which way is cliff of climate change

While saying the future of containerisation and world shipping is "uncertain", is a no-brainer even if said by an expert like Christian Roeloffs, CEO of Container xChange, it is still worthwhile exploring the whys and wherefores.

What must be faced here is that the pace of the development of business - that is all business in the west - will be dictated by what the government's regulatory agencies say is possible. Because much of what was allowed - and still allowed today - has will be disallowed tomorrow.


Coastal modal shift for Asian cargo from the west coast to the east coast has benefits for all

The prospect of a US west coast dock strike is generally dreaded, but like global warming and CO2 emissions, there are pluses that are seldom acknowledged and rarely discussed.

When unskilled and semi-skilled dockers are paid as much a FBI agents with law degrees and hospital residents with medical degrees, one may fairly ask whether this makes sense, just as one might look at the plus side to global warming. That is how CO2 emissions encourage plant life, and have been credited with the greening of arid areas of the world.


If all is well in the world, then all is well for reefer cargo that sees solid growth ahead

Unless the Russo-Ukrainian War brews up into a World War, or Western progressivism reduces the planet to the poverty-stricken state from which we have so recently escaped, then the life of the world should move into those "broad, sunlit uplands" of Winston Churchill's imagination.

In more mundane terms of international shipping, one can safely say that if the universe unfolds as it should, there should be good times ahead for the reefer trade, studies show. And if reefers are trending upwards then so is global affluence, say experts.



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