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Philippines container sector triumphs over red tape, but its victory is but a skirmish against deadly foe

Red tape in the maritime world is like the weather - everyone talks about it, but nobody does anything. Ceaseless talk often comes in the guise of doing something, but it invariably results in even more red tape.

Such remedial efforts always start with a study of the phenomenon itself, and the hiring of experts to determine which regulations are to be scrapped and the degree of risk of doing so.

Checking out India with AI as a manufacturing hub if China can no longer serve as workshop to the world

In the event of Western decoupling from China as a product manufacturing source, how well is India suited to provide replacement factories with the necessary infrastructure?

In ChatGPT's view, there are a number of pluses and minuses. "India has a large labour force and established manufacturing capabilities, making it a potential alternative. However, infrastructure bottlenecks and regulatory challenges need to be addressed for India to fully capitalise on this opportunity," said the artificial intelligence (AI) bot. What follows is an edited version of its response to the question, or "prompt" in the first paragraph.

Building Sino-Russian north-south trade: Obstacles in Africa and Latin America for two lonely powers

Though increasingly isolated from traditional clients, Russia and China possess immense potential for trade and investment in Africa and Latin America as options diminish elsewhere.

Apart from established trade relations in Africa, with Egypt, Algeria, Morocco and South Africa, Russia has displaced France militarily through its Wagner Group of mercenaries that have extended their influence in Mali, Niger, Chad, Cote d'Ivoire and Burkina Faso.

Now Med ports threaten to divert cargo from Europe's Northern Range to provide quick turnarounds to Asia

The comparative modernity of northern Europe's road and rail networks has long made it a clear favourite for pickup and delivery over the more primitive links available to Mediterranean ports.

But times they are a changing. There has always been the obvious turnaround back-to-Asia advantage of landing cargo at Med ports. It obviously beats going round the Iberian Peninsula, crossing the stormy Bay of Biscay to the northern range along the congested English Channel.


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