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What's ship-shape and Bristol fashion in ocean shipping has become an ever-rising risk factor

Poor quality tonnage, poor operational quality and a history of incidents can generate a broad range of risks and impacts for traders that can result in significant damage.

So runs the warning from RightShip of Melbourne, that has done work checking out ships in the vast fleet of Minnesota food giant Cargill.

In an article in Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide, Rightship warns of the perils both nautical and regulatory, of not being ship shape when one sets sail.


Homeshoring or reshoring is the question BCOs face as risks rise between China and the West

Looking to the New Year, one recognises that geopolitical tensions between China and the West remain high and threaten to become larger still.

Talk is of decoupling the West from China to avoid  being caught in the middle of any unpleasantness that may erupt in the months ahead.

It is just this inclination that is being questioned in an article by Peter Tirschwell in New York's Journal of Commerce. It is all the more tempting given the fact that hostility to China is about the only thing that unites right and the left in a deeply divided western world.


How sustainability in aviation becomes unsustainable when what it imposes leads to disaster

It now appears that there is no other way to achieve carbon neutrality than to reduce the number of people whose existence produces the CO2 that inevitably causes global warming.

Such are consequences outlined in Florence Jones's research published in London's Power Technology magazine, which concludes that the aviation industry is making promises it cannot keep - at least not in any meaningful way.


Onerous shipbreaking rules are another reason to fear the menace of safety to one's freedom

Environmental extremism, widely supported by power-hungry states worldwide, start of with a basic lie. In the case of ship scrapping - or "recycling" to use the sanitized term - the lie comes with the claim that being green and clean  brings greater financial benefits than old, out-moded ways do not.

Not always of course. But that is only explained later. There are always exceptions, say greenies. In fact, if truth be known - almost never. But such an exception was cited in Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide, which published an article of a green recycler, Priya Blue Industries Pvt Ltd, of Gujarat, India.



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