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Direction of world trade is likely to be guided by the outcome of the US presidential election November 3

While much depends of the outcome the November US presidential election, the present courses set by the administrations in Washington and Beijing will guide if not govern world trade, say veteran observers.

Like two opposing forces arrayed against each other, they are doing much the same thing, girding themselves to deliver and receive blows in a trade war that has become more serious and may well turn into a cold war if it hasn't already.

Weaponising transparency by understanding scientific input that justifies decarbonization of world shipping

It is a commonplace to say that major corporations loathe environmental regulation. While this true of energy companies such as coal mines whose very existence is threatened by eco-regulation, most major corporations find it easier being green - much easier.

That's why they are likely to support state-backed eco-crazes - such as the decarbonisation of shipping. Some find reason to believe that decarbonisation will be so costly that it will eventually result in the government takeover of shipping itself.

Pros and cons of a US Biden-Harris administration that seeks greater bureaucratic control of shipping and trade

If one was to look at US maritime policy in a Biden-Harris administration, one can see an increasingly regulated industry with greater control exerted by United Nations bodies and other multilateral organisations.

That is what one gleans from reading "Future Globalisation" in Washington's Foreign Policy Magazine, owned by the pro-Democrat Washington Post, which insists that "social justice" be prioritised in decisions shipping companies make on behalf of their shareholders.

US left coast ports are no longer America's gateway as new factors allow Dixie harbours to take centre stage

A wide range of factors have developed into a solid trend that fundamentally alters trading routes to consumer-rich US markets from all over the world.

These factors have induced more ships to discharge the more cargo at ports of Dixieland, the south Atlantic and Gulf coasts at the expense of the once indisputable import kings, LA and Long Beach.


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