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China's demand that Australia tremble and obey brings Canzuk from the back-burner to the fore

With China taking a "tremble and obey" attitude to Australia, after Canberra sought an impartial inquiry into Beijing's handling of the Covid crisis, a still unlikely, but increasingly popular proposal moves from the back-burner to the fore - namely "Canzuk". That is, the contraction of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, which would start with the free movement of peoples and perhaps full political union one day.

What makes the development plausible, buoyed as it is by positive opinion polling in the four would-be member states, is the difficulty the United States has supporting Australia because it has much to lose in doing so.

China's wheat ban, will add to a host of other Australian commodities and products, including coal, barley and wine that China has imposed, as relations between the two countries move from fridge to freezer. "Australian wheat exports to China had already faced a threat in September when China customs said it would increase checks and carry out tests on shipments," reported Hong Kong's South China Morning Post.

Subsidy-dependent Asia-Europe railfreight's best hope lies in Xi Jinping's 'Dual Circulation' policy

Ambiguity is the key feature of Chinese Communist Party slogans. So it was with "Belt and Road and the latest maxim "Dual Circulation". They can mean anything or nothing, or mean one thing one day and something else another.

Initial fears that "Dual Circulation" meant the Chinese economy was to become more insular were dispelled by none other than President Xi Jinping addressing Shanghai's November Import Expo. He assured all of his openness to foreign investment and having domestic consumer spending carry more of the load than exports once did.

This was welcome news to a big backer of the Asia-Europe railfreight link, Djoomart Kaipovich Otorbaev, the former prime minister of Kyrgyzstan, and professor of physics at both Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands, as well as at Kyrgyz State University.

Living with the US-Sino trade war by interpreting China's new harsh IT legislation in a positive light

In looking to the future with a concurrent US-Sino trade war, it is important to remember that radical course changes in the handling of the Covid-19 crisis and how they changed the lives of millions worldwide.

Doctors differ on the impact of the trade war and the coronovirus. Drewry Maritime Research analyst Simon Heaney believes that the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the shipping industry superseded the impact of the trade war.

"Transpacific rate volatility settled down in 2019, but after Covid-19 arrived, transpacific rates went into the stratosphere from June 2020 due to a combination of factors, including higher-than-expected US demand and shortages of available ships and equipment," he said.

Owners, charterers, BCOs must update liability risks if drug smuggling is discovered on board cargo ships

Despite the best efforts of law enforcement, drug traffickers are finding increasingly ingenious ways of smuggling narcotics on ocean going ships, some of which may cause legal difficulties for those who are guilty of nothing more than not doing all they could to prevent it.

For example, a ship's sea chest in an underwater shell and fitted with a portable strainer plate provides a water intake reservoir from which the vessel's piping system can draw water.

A nocturnal covert operation by divers can conceal drugs in or around the hull in ways that are not easily discoverable even by an exercise of due diligence, say London solicitors Ian Short and Sam Jones, of Campbell Johnston Clark .


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