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China's big win in Africa: How enlightened self interest served the greatest number

Unintended consequences are often blamed for negative outcomes, yet China's towering success in Africa may well be the result of one such occurrence 600 years ago.

That's when China's Admiral Zheng He's fleet returned from spanning the South Seas and Indian Ocean with dreams to colonise India and Africa.

But newly installed Emperor Hongxi, resentful the ambitions of his predecessor, would have none of it. He scrapped Admiral Zheng's charts and ordered him ashore.

How China's demand reached critical mass to effect a global ecommerce revolution

Talk of the potential of China's ecommerce market these days, and those involved will likely salivate contemplating mouth-watering prospects.

Indeed, the facts are impressive. For starters, China has now surpassed the US as world's biggest retail market with domestic sales having reached US$4.88 trillion a year against America's of $4.82 trillion.

Chinese logistics operators, of which there are now many more, are building new distribution networks to handle the expanding trade. Fengqu.com is typical of these spin-offs, this one from Shenzhen's SF Express.

Despite bumps and grinds Trump and Xi appear to be getting on

The best one can reasonably expect from China-US trade is that it will continue more or less the way it has - and all signs show it is doing just that, if not a bit more.

While times have been hard in recent years, the United States GDP increased 2.1 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2016, and China's 2017 first quarter was up 6.9 per cent. Both countries are in a happier place with less to complain about than they have been.

Despite grand plans to have China become less export-dependent and rely more on increased domestic demand, things have not worked out that way. Despite the planifications of planners, exports are up and imports are down.

Kerry commits to China-Europe rail freight, the keystone of the Belt and Road Initiative

TO boost export revenue by forging greater connectivity with Europe, China can now boast of a 21-day rail freight service through 12 cities in China and six in Europe, spanning 12,000 kilometres from Yiwu to London and Madrid.

Hong Kong's Kerry Logistics Network having tested the service with 80 containers on a China-Madrid run last August, is now fully committed to playing a major role in the service, the keystone of Bejing's mighty arch called the One Belt One Road Initiative.

Said Kerry managing director William Ma: “We are extremely excited to be the first Asia-based global 3PL to move eastbound freight from Europe along the One Belt One Road trade route".



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