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China not keen on meeting panicky CO2 targets while US classification society reconsiders nuclear power

Every dire prediction of the climate lobby has come to naught over the last 40 years, and the only government to realise that is China's.

Even eco lobby Greenpeace thinks bio fuels will do more harm than good and now the US classification society, the American Bureau of Shipping, wants us to look at nukes - Russian nuclear propulsion no less.

Retired US admiral wants American land, sea and air drone development to quit coasts for the Great Lakes

What must be another sign of America's decoupling from China is the pressure to accelerate an already established trend to move drone research away from the more vulnerable coastal areas to the interior of the Great Lakes.

Retired US Vice Admiral James Stavridis, writing a Bloomberg essay, wants such research to be even more narrowly confined to Lake Michigan, which is entirely within the borders of the Lower 48 of the United States.

Would a switch to that 'unforgiving energy', nuclear power, solve our fuel problem to ecologists' satisfaction?

Until Russia invaded the Ukraine in February 2022, it had been the Port of Hamburg's fourth largest trading partner, but slipped into 27th place thereafter.

Blessed with a mild winter Europe did not suffer nearly as much as many feared because of its long-standing dependence on Russian oil and gas, the flow of which was cut off by the conflict bureaucratically even before it was physically truncated by the sabotage of the underwater Nord Stream pipeline.

Weighing relative merits of landing cargo at east and west coast ports by using Panama versus Suez canals

There are relative merits to both landing cargo at North American west coast ports and North American east coast ports using the Panama or Suez Canals.

West coast ports offer rapid access to Asian markets for exports, while the east coast ports provide easy access to European markets. But these are secondary functions of these coastal ports as far as Asian trade is concerned.


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