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Threats to reefer cargo are threats to all cargo using Red Sea-Suez and Panama canals

Reefer cargo is the most affected by any interruption in access to the world's two major canals - the Suez and the Panama.

And Thomas Eskesen, former head of Maersk reefer shipping, and founder of Eskesen Advisory, is greatly concerned that this international vulnerability is not as appreciated as it should be throughout the non-reefer sector.

Time's right to subject the ban on fossil fuels to a rigorous cost/benefit analysis

Assessing the costs and benefits of what the sustainability crowd has in mind for world shipping, like the banning of fossil fuels, it is far easier to identify the costs than find the benefits.

That is, unless one can see anything beneficial in achieving "net zero carbon dioxide emissions" it shipping. But other than winning plaudits from bureaucrats and greenies, it is pretty much a no-win situation in which the costs are real and immediate and the benefits are distant, illusory if not delusional.

As ships grew, dredging deepened harbours to turn USEC ports into Asian import cargo hubs

The siphoning of transpacific cargo from west to east coast ports began in 2004 when the US east coast Port of Savannah decided there was an opportunity to exploit.

"Why not keep your cargo on the water and turn the ship into your warehouse," the Savannah, Georgia folk told American BCOs, who source cargo in Asia.

Putting Cold War II on hold to make safe the Red Sea-Suez Canal Asia-Europe trade lane

As China's wealth depends on what it can sell to the West, it has the most to lose from any blockage of the Red Sea and Suez Canal trade lane to European markets. Thus, ways might be found to induce Beijing to apply its growing military might to confront Yemini forces threatening the trade lane.

At the same time one suspects the Deep State in the West to make use of the crippling missile attacks on its people to stem the rising populist tide. And war has been a traditional means of exacting obedience in the name of national security, even though it is hard to imagine Yemen and Iran posing such a threat to the Western world.


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