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Looking two years ahead in shipping - will it be same old, or face fundamental change

To perceptive observers it appears that international shipping is going through a period last experienced 20 years ago when the biggest containership was 14,000 TEU.

Then as now, when there were twice the number of ocean carriers as there are today, the refrain was to gain market share and fill slots at any cost in a race towards the bottom in pricing.

Near-shoring and home-shoring in less costly regions has its ups, but also its downs

Near shoring and home shoring in low wage areas like Mexico and Caribbean island nations provide companies with several undeniable advantages. Proximity, lower labour costs, and increased flexibility make these strategies appealing alternatives to offshoring.

Yet, challenges related to quality control, cultural and language barriers and political and economic stability need to be weighed. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of these sourcing strategies allows companies to make informed decisions and strive for sustainable growth in an increasingly interconnected global market.

Environmentalist lobbies thwart the use of palm oil as sustainable aviation fuel

Singapore's Sustainable Air Hub Blueprint study focuses on how the city state might profitably introduce costly "sustainable aviation fuel" (SAF) as other fossil fuels are criminalised.

For the moment the strategy appears to be to stockpile as much SAF as one can domestically use, just enough of it participate in the "green lane" but not enough to create a prohibitive expense.

Illegalizing options so the deep state can enforce stakeholder over shareholder rights

If one believes that public debates should have a two-side minimum, you will find that the rule does not apply to global warming, a fear that may yet sink the shipping industry.

Strangely, the corporate world - certainly the transport sector's major players - goes along with notions of a "climate emergency", embracing a cause once the sole preserve of the radical left.


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