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Reflections on how the carbon craze will save us all from the ravishes of global warming

If anything emerged from Dubai's 28th Conference of the Parties, or COP28, it is that the role of the United Nations will become more authoritative usurping national sovereignty as it does so.

There is by now widespread public awareness in the West that the UN's World Health Organisation's (WHO) plans to take charge globally of "pandemic preparedness and response" with the unelected agency deciding when pandemics begin and end.

How much self-interest is at play when backing the bureaucratic carbon craze?

If nothing else, the highly suspect UK-based Global Shippers Forum (GSF) has made it clear that free trade is in permanent decline and those practitioners who survive in it will find it more difficult and expensive.

What makes the GSF suspect, if not worthy of condemnation, is that it sails under a false flag, and is something of a shill, supposedly on the side of shippers, but really on the side of regulators.

EVs to stall mass transition from fossil fuels to renewables in the years to come

Asking ChatGPT, or any other source of artificial intelligence (AI), for help is like asking an enemy to help on a project he opposes.

When asking, as we did, for the pros and cons of electric vehicles (EV), as we did, AI produced more pros than cons and the cons were not the most convincing.

Increasing environmental compliance costs provide wiggle room to hike freight rates

An intriging idea is doing the rounds on waterfronts of the world, and that is, increasing environmental compliance costs imposed on shipping may well contribute rate recovery out of China in 2024.

Even the Panama drought, which has restricted the size of ships transiting the waterway stands to contribute to boosting rates from last year's four-year low of US$1,000 per TEU.


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