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Decarbonisation: Industry still weak-kneed in face of hostile environmental lobbies and pro-tax bureaucrats

It comes as no surprise to learn that the debate on "decarbonisation" of shipping has only one socially acceptable side. It's the way of so many public debates these days.

What is more surprising is that the big companies are sounding as socially acceptable as partisan environmentalists, when one would have thought they would oppose costs that did not benefit shareholders.

With Beijing-Western tensions rising fewer and smaller inflows of foreign direct investment are expected

Not only have suspicions aroused in the West over China's increasingly aggressive diplomacy and military buildup, there is also a new outspokenness about it. What was once only murmured is now proclaimed.

According to London's Economist newspaper, China's current trade policies and practices are driven by four priorities: indigenous innovation, self-sufficiency, national security and market reform with a view to increasing foreign direct investment.

Weighing costs and benefits of California's zero emissions policy and whether wind and solar can fill the gap?

Another debate between environmentalists and those who pay the bills has been outlined in the American Journal of Transportation of Plymouth, Massachusetts.

The debate on the practicality of achieving of zero emissions by 2035, is likely to be won by environmentalists as California officialdom treats their predictions as fact and makes their recommendations the law of the land with little analysis or debate.

Weighing long-term effects of the China-Australia economic contretemps in the months and years ahead

It appears that Australia is weathering its stormy weather with China, with former Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, a respected Sino scholar, sounding supportive of the hard line taken by his erstwhile political opponent, sitting Liberal Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

By any measure that is an indication of a large degree of not only bi-partisan support for the hard line against Beijing, but a sign of national unity as well.


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