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Trend toward more ocean carrier consolidation seems to be driven by environmental regulation

The trend to global carrier consolidation could not be more evident when one recalls that 10 shipping lines out of 20 have disappeared in the last decade - and with them, options for shippers.

To some, capacity management practices have bordered on the criminal, as carriers either inserted blank sailings or threw in extra loaders with agility unknown five years ago. Back then, desperate salesmen gave slots away to fill their ships - and in doing so, killed profitability.

Piracy moves from the Malacca Strait to the Arabian Gulf to West Africa's Gulf of Guinea

While the problem of piracy and armed robbery at sea has been much reduced from the scourge it had become a decade ago off the coast of East Africa, what's left of it has moved to the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa.

Based on reports submitted to UN's International Maritime Organisation (IMO) last year, the number of incidents taking place in the Gulf of Guinea increased to 90 (up by 20 compared to 2019), with a total of 112 crewmen kidnapped or missing.

First viewed as catastrophic to shipping, Covid became bad, then not so bad, then pretty good

Only through the retrospectoscope will we ever know what impact the Covid scare had on world shipping as it defied all scarifying predictions made at the time.

And even as we look at what's left the rest of 2021, we can agree that its impact has been perplexing as it turned out to be a disease that mostly killed the very old and very sick - people one expects to die.

India appears to be emerging as the sourcing base for western BCOs as EU/US-Sino relations sour

A paradigm shift is taking place in global sourcing of trade goods in a move from China to India. This is combined with a good deal of non-India re-shoring and home-shoring of manufactures bound for western markets.

While there is a general antipathy by western liberal democracies to the rightwing turn of the Anglo-American alliance, its signature hostility to China has largely been upheld by the incoming leftist Biden administration and little opposed by the Labour opposition in the UK.


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